Demandbase and Adobe Experience Manager

Create a personalized experience for each of the companies or business audiences you care about.

The Demandbase Personalization for Adobe Experience Manager component simplifies the creation of custom segments using the Demandbase IP lookup API. It is now possible for marketers to setup complex Demandbase segments without writing a line of code. The extension allows you to build segments interactively using the built in Experience Manager Segment Editor. With auto discovery, the component also allows an editor to interactively map Demandbase JSON variables to the client store.

Adobe Cloud Exchange

Deliver the right content to every visitor with Demandbase

The AEM/Demandbase integration is the most efficient way to utilize Demandbase in your AEM campaigns. Editors can define custom segments without writing a line of code. What’s more, Experience Manager’s native rule builder tools allow authors to create Demandbase segments with AEM’s drag-and-drop interface.

Complex segments made easy

The ability to access and map Marketo information in the AEM GUI reduces complexity and training. Authors can map variables from Demandbase profiles to the client store with the auto-discovery feature and start building segments interactively using Experience Manager’s powerful segment editor.

Custom rules based on company data

Demandbase lets you create relevant user experiences for the companies you care about. With access to data like company, division, location, employees, and industry it has never been simpler to author actionable experiences with AEM’s personalization tools.