Adobe Experience Manager E-Commerce with Magento

Together, AEM and Magento provide the foundation for best-of-breed Experience Driven Commerce initiatives. With AEM commerce retailers can harness the power of the Adobe Marketing Cloud by offering a unified and personalized shopping experience across all channels.

The Adobe Commerce Framework provides a set of foundation components and APIs that provides the interfaces that can be extended to provide a complete dynamic shopping experience.

The AEM/Magento Connector provides the tools which allow AEM to manage the user experience while leveraging Magento commerce engine. This connector itself is a group of AEM components that map Magento features to the Adobe Commerce Framework.

The integration delivers product imports and synchronization of Magento product catalog data to Experience Manager CQ, allowing content creators to efficiently deliver a best-in-class shopping experience while maintaining Magento features and back-end workflows.

Existing Magento stores can integrate with Experience Manager CQ without major changes to their Magento backend.  The integration gives Magento commerce sites access to the enterprise-class marketing tools of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Shoppers used multiple devices sequentially

Shoppers use devices in stores

Shoppers use multiple devices simultaneously

Personalized Experience

Gives Experience Manager access to customer data which gives site managers access to CQ’s advanced user experience authoring tools.

  • Magento customer profile
  • Magento order history
  • Author can simulate customer during content creation

Magento Traits Available In Segment Editor

  • Customer data
  • Historic order data