Bring experience to experience-driven commerce.

A purchase is the culmination of a positive brand experience, and in itself is just a small part of the larger brand journey. Being able to transact seamlessly on any digital channel is becoming a customer expectation, not to mention a competitive advantage that drives sales.

Elastic Path is a leading provider of omni-channel commerce solutions for the enterprise. At the heart of Elastic Path is Cortex, an interactive REST hypermedia API. By exposing all commerce functionality via API, Elastic Path can integrate across all customer touch points, providing rich and relevant experiences, regardless of device.

The Elastic Path integration with Adobe Experience Manager is a great example of how the API can be used to provide an enterprise-level solution with best-of-breed user experience management. Elastic Path allows experience driven commerce to fit neatly within your existing operational business processes.

  • Internationalization – Grow your business around the world—select your target region and start selling in the corresponding languages and currencies, while also complying with regional tax regimes and payment preferences. You can define and activate payment systems from multiple providers on a country-by-country basis or centrally for each organization or region.
  • Performance and Growth – As your business grows, so does Elastic Path. You can expand your system and integrate new servers or components without disrupting or shutting down your operations. Intelligent mechanisms spread the load, ensuring trouble-free operation and preventing system downtime. Every customer request is fulfilled, even when processing tens of thousands of orders at peak periods.

Core API Commerce

A core commerce solution is the ability to deliver e-commerce software services at the API level. By removing the display layer and enabling commerce capabilities to outside systems, we can deliver a universal integration platform that connects seamlessly to experience management systems, marketing cloud platforms, and mobile apps.


The Elastic Path core commerce platform provides an advanced catalog management solution, making it simple and elegant to handle complex inventory and localized product lists. Manage any type of product — digital, physical, or subscription — using rich and flexible data structures. For global businesses, there is support for multiple catalogs, languages, currencies, taxes, and storefronts.

  • Multi-store catalogs
  • Physical and digital products
  • Flexible SKU options
  • Localization

Customer Profile

Need a unified view of your customers? The Elastic Path customer profile solution provides secure and scalable management of commerce-related data. This provides the basis for content relevance based on segmentation and personalization.

  • Customer accounts
  • Order history
  • Address books
  • Payment methods


Merchandisers need to collaborate closely with brand marketing. Elastic Path’s rich merchandising solutions allow companies to optimize their buy-flow to drive conversions. Cross-sells, up-sells, featured products and advanced bundling capabilities are all possible. Better merchandizing means better sales.

  • Advanced bundling
  • Cross-sell products
  • Up-sell products
  • Alternate/replacement products
  • Accessories


Elastic Path provides an advanced pricing engine. Create real-time pricing strategies based on audience, campaign, user profile and behavior. Pricing and content can be  targeted using the same profile data.

  • Multi-store catalogs
  • Physical and digital products
  • Flexible SKU options
  • Localization


Drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue with rules-based promotions. Elastic Path offers a wide variety of coupon types that can employed throughout the user experience.

  • Product promotions
  • Shopping cart promotions
  • Multiple coupon types
  • Promotion awareness

Search & Browse

Elastic Path Search and Browse provides structured product discovery tools that integrate with your marketing cloud solution. This includes advanced search and navigation based on keywords, attributes, or facets to make product browsing and filtering intuitive. Search and Browse scales gracefully regardless of the size of your catalog.

  • Structured search
  • Personalized content
  • Metadata tools
  • Browsing and discovery
  • Offer management