MagSolr: Apache Solar for Magento

MagSolr is the easiest way to add enterprise search to your Magento store. Our basic platform offers performance reliability and ease of installation. Apache Solr is considered by many to be the best search available and is used by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Apache Solr

Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from Apache. Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites.

Better search = Better user experience

Solr is a standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API. You index documents via XML, JSON, CSV or binary over HTTP. You query it via HTTP GET and receive XML, JSON, CSV or binary results.

  • Advanced full-text search capabilities
  • Optimized for high-volume web traffic
  • Standards-based open interfaces – XML, JSON and HTTP
  • Comprehensive HTML administration interfaces
  • Server statistics exposed over JMX for monitoring
  • Linearly scalable, auto-index replication, auto failover and recovery
  • Near real-time indexing
  • Flexible and adaptable with XML configuration
  • Extensible plugin architecture


A direct replacement for Magento’s default SQL search, the MagSolr module has remarkable characteristics:

  • Super fast
  • Simple install
  • Easy implementation