Experience-Driven Commerce (XDC)

Digital and mobile advancements have become an important part of the digital shopping experience, and online retailers must be able to support the unique requirements. Websites, mobile apps, video, social media, and point of sale are all a part of how customers find what they want. Customers are looking for a fluid brand experience from their desktop to mobile to in-store.


Infield Digital has the skills to support your Magento implementation, whether it’s installing out-of-the-box Magento Enterprise, developing Magento extensions to integrate your CMS, CRM, and other business systems, or deploying a custom Intershop cartridge. As one of the few certified Magento Enterprise shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have the experience and team to get the job done right.

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Magento + AEM

Built on Adobe’s flexible Commerce Integration Framework, our integration represents a flexible path to improve Magento store and customer experiences.

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Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a leading provider of omni-channel commerce solutions for the enterprise.

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Digital River

Digital River is a global e-commerce, subscriptions, payments and marketing services company.

Apache Solr

“MagSOLR” has a simple goal – to give Magento EE and CE users a manageable way to implement advanced enterprise search. Apache Solr is considered by many to be the best search solution available and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is to combine performance, solid implementation, and ease of installation.