Advancing reports with more insightful data

Data visualization brings greater opportunity to help process large amounts of complex data, making it easier to spot trends or identify patterns. Our client uses interactive charts to show high traffic requests and flexible tables for detailed breakdown of data so that information is easy to navigate and understand.


Architect | Front-end & back-end development


AEM | Apache Solr | D3.js

Business Challenge

Our client’s challenge was publishing visualization reports that disclose relevant and useful data to inform users. They wanted a facelift of its report site, bigger and bolder visualization reports, clearer explanations about the numbers, and more granular details about the data. Using Infield Digital’s implementation services, we integrated multiple data sources to Adobe Experienced Manager (AEM) and engineered stunning interactive designs turning data from insights to value.


  • A fresh, updated reporting site for easier navigation and use
  • Full width and bolder interactive charts and maps
  • Flexible tables and more granular data
  • Filter reporting capabilities
  • More context and explanation of the numbers