E-commerce systemfor the museum store

The SFMOMA Museum Store is an excellent e-commerce case study: transforming a traditional non-profit organization into a progressive online model for a museumesque purveyor of modern and contemporary designs and furnishings. SFMOMA started with several brick-and-mortar stores and introduced a new commerce channel for its customers on a hosted commerce solution.


Strategy | Development | Managed Services


Magento | Inventory System | Membership System

Business Challenges

SFMOMA’s online presence broadened their customer reach and increased sales, but the systems in place were not integrated and required manual entries, making operations difficult and inefficient. As a result, there were increased operational expenses in inventory management and order fulfillment.

SFMOMA brought in Infield Digital to strategize and architect a solution that would meet their business goals for:

The store manager:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Remove manual processes
  • Set store to be efficient & user friendly

The Information Technology team:

  • Update back end systems
  • Update store to reflect more contemporary functionality
  • Modernize the e-commerce experience
  • Make it more efficient for staff and end-users
  • Increase sales
  • Personalize the experience
  • Make content relevant


After many strategy sessions with Infield Digital, SFMOMA chose Magento as its new e-commerce platform. Infield Digital integrated it with SFMOMA’s existing inventory and membership systems so that information would be shared across all channels to provide the best customer experience. By using Magento, it allowed for flexibility in their design templates for a full makeover of the site while matching the branding of the main museum site. Products could be entered once and placed in multiple categories, creating a seamless shopping experience online and in the retail store.


  • Seamless customer experience at multiple touch points
  • Process is more efficient for museum staff and customers
  • Improvement in order fulfillment and inventory management data
  • Membership tracking and discounts applied to purchases
  • Minimal manual process and entry