Transforming the digital foundation for one of the largest integrated managed care consortium

Our client is one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery system, serving more than 9 million members on a $50 billion annual budget. One of the reasons that our client succeeds as a healthcare provider is because of their ability to quickly embrace modern technology and to innovate. For example, our client was one of the first healthcare systems to develop and build an electronic medical record system that not only stores information, but provides insights for doctors and patients. Innovation continues to be the driving force behind this undisputed healthcare heavyweight.


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AEM | Adobe Analytics | ObservePoint

Business Challenge

With 9 million users depending on their mobile and web platform to access information and care, our client turns to Adobe Marketing Cloud to modernize their digital offerings. They partnered with Infield Digital to architect an effective digital foundation for AEM and Adobe Analytics that can evolve and scale in their digital space.


Infield Digital architected and built AEM workflows that are critical to our client’s web presence. The workflows enable our client to:

  • Eliminate task redundancy
  • Restrict unsupervised content authoring and publishing
  • Send notifications to users when certain events occur
  • Replicate content to a special preview environment for external viewing
  • Schedule approved content release

Our client has a strong analytics foundation, but it needed to be modified to accommodate Adobe Analytics. Infield Digital re-structured the analytics implement process, including:

  • Define analytics implementation and delivery processes, including data management and solutions (Adobe Analytics and DTM) governance
  • Develop data taxonomy for storage and management
  • Implement mobile business requirements
  • Create catch-all implementation template for our client to use for any future new requirement