Booking our tickets for the upcoming t3con10-dallas gets me thinking about the role of typo3 in the USA how many events we have coming up. Once again Dallas will bring the TYPO3 brain trust to the Lone Star State for three days of TYPO3 goodness.
We also will repeat our booth presence at OSCON, returning to Portland after a year in San Jose. New this year TYPO3 will have a presence at the enterprise-focused Gilbane Conference; this will be an opportunity for some larger enterprise companies to see TYPO3 first hand. I have high hopes for the Gilbane show as the start of bigger things here in the US for TYPO3.

Locally we have started BayTUG (Bay Area TYPO3 Users Group) and we are starting to fall into a groove with new people at each meeting (Tip: say hi to everyone and try to avoid showing too much raw code). In the coming weeks we have Benjamin Mack, the TYPO3 4.4 Release Manager, and Joachim Mathes joining us to lead some TYPO3 workshops which we have dubbed San Francisco TYPO3 Camp. The Camp will consist of 5 events over 6 days. Know someone in California? Send ’em over.

All of this activity is exciting, especially considering TYPO3’s total obscurity in the US just a few years ago. But we are still waiting for our breakthrough moment – that event that will promote TYPO3 from unknown to an item on the to-do list of US CTOs and developers. (For Drupal it was the 2004 Dean presidential campaign.) It is interesting to think about what it might be and how we will get there. But I think TYPO3 in the USA is on the right track.