TYPO3 In North America

At the Dallas TYPO3 conference I helped out with the TYPO3 in North America presentation. The presentation had two parts, that both looked at the adoption of TYPO3 in the North American market. The presentation consisted of a talk by Patrick Gaumond from infoglobe.ca followed by a moderated discusion…

Patrick’s presentation about TYPO3’s rise to prominence in Quebec local government was inspiring. The first TYPO3 implementations were back in 2004, at that time the major player was Stellent (now Oracle). TYPO3 was selected because it has the best ROI based on it’s multiligual and workgroup features. Since then TYPO3 adaptation has taken off in the government ecosystem of Quebec. Patrick helped jump start the local community by getting local users group going and hosting demos. He said it was initially a slow process but in time it grew and is now, 6 years later, thriving.

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The second half of the presentation was a group discussion focused on the US adaptation of TYPO3 and factors that are hindering adoption. An informal poll revealed that most of the US users in the room were self-taught and didn’t learn through a local group or any one-to-one demos. I find this impressive when you take into consideration how difficult TYPO3 has been to evaluate due to the installer and the dummy package ? A smart, motivated bunch.

It was a energetic discussion that brought up a lot of good points in short period of time ? The tone of the English list, the US list which is dormant, poor documentation, the lack of a bulletin board and everyone agreed the new installer will help expose the power of TYPO3 to anyone who can install a LAMP application.  Though still small the North American group is a motivated bunch and from the looks of it, it is a group that is positioned to move TYPO3 to the next level here.