The best San Francisco TYPO3 users group (BayTUG) meeting yet! We all learned a lot from both the presenters and attendees. It was an interesting group of people with varied backgrounds and some new faces (we love that!).

Once again, we were lucky to have a few TYPO3 developers with us from Germany. Ingo Renner was in town for the Google Summer of Code wrap-up. Ingo works for dkd in Frankfurt and is a member of the core team. This is the second year TYPO3 has been part of the Summer of Code and apparently it was a great year for TYPO3 — Thanks, Google! Nils Dehl, another core team member from dkd, came to town for the Sencha conference at the Fairmont Hotel. Simon Schaufelberger, a TYPO3 contributor from in Karlsruhe, who was also in town for the Sencha conference, joined us at the meetup as well.

Ingo gave us a demo of some of the new features in the upcoming TYPO3 4.5 release. Many cool new features and lots of optimizations. TYPO3 version 4.5 is also the first official Long Term Support (LTS) release so it will have a three-year support cycle, as opposed to a standard release which has an 18-month support cycle. Features, speed, stability, and longevity – Looks like it is going to be a great release!

Nils gave us an overview of how ExtJS is being used in the TYPO3 Phoenix backend. TYPO3 Phoenix is the next generation of TYPO3 and the user interface is being implemented entirely in ExtJS. Nils gave us an outline of ExtJS and talked about some of the issues that brought TYPO3 to ExtJS. He also shared a bit of ExtJS eye candy from TYPO3 Phoenix with us.

Ingo came back and gave us the latest on the Apache Solr for TYPO3 implementation being developed by him at dkd. There are currently two releases: the community release and the development release with many great things on the horizon, geo-search to name one. Powerful stuff, definitely worth checking out!

Also, save the dates of June 9-11, 2011 for the North American TYPO3 conference at the Fort Mason Center right here in San Francisco!