I’m on the plane coming back from T3CON10 in Dallas… Great conference, great people!

Three days of talks by an International group of presenters with tons of great content and demos. It is truly amazing how many large efforts are coming to maturity, FLOW3, Fluid, Extbase and even the first glimpses of TYPO3 v5. The release of TYPO3 4.4 is around the corner and along with a slew of new features come two significant strategic items worth mentioning, an installer and the first release on the new six month release cycle.

The new installer which includes a basic demo site is big step forward, especially for people trying to evaluate TYPO3. Until now installing TYPO3 hasn’t been very inspiring. It gives you an empty backend and the front-end generates a no template error, not exactly a scintillating experience for new user. The new installer will give you the option to install a modern demo site with some relevant content, a much friendlier experience. This will give a new user the opportunity to see the power of TYPO3.

Also worth mentioning is the six month release cycle. This quicker, regular release cycle makes progress much more obvious, both to people in the community and to people watching the project from the out side. It keeps things from getting bogged down, keeping more with the agile development model that has been adapted by the core team. Plus nothing gets a project death-watch going better than an 18 month release cycle.

The other big news is next years US conference will be in San Francisco. This is huge for us, and we are really looking forward to a great event. So how does #T3CONSF11 sound. (Thanks Ben) 🙂