Infield Digital Adobe AEM Technology

I want to thank everyone for coming out to last nights meeting at Successfactors. It was a fun night, a wonderful location, a great group of people and the pizza wasn’t bad. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, the presentations were excellent and there was a lot of lively conversation.

Shaun Brown, the Senior Director Web Marketing at Successfactors, kicked things off with a rich overview of the past two years of the Successfactors website and left us with the message “Anyone can run a website”. Starting from their initial move to Adobe Experience Manager he went on to talk about how his team manages long term improvements as well as the day to day. His combination of experience and enthusiasm made the presentation light, informative, and engaging. I’m not sure if anyone can run a website, but Sean does make it look easy.

Gaetan Marmasse, Solution Architect at Infield Digital, gave an overview and demonstration of his Google Custom Search component which simplifies adding Google custom search to an AEM site. It was a nice demonstration of how components can be used in Experience Manager to expose third party services.

The sessions were recorded and should be available on the ??Adobe Communities?? site which will be launching in the coming days. We will let you know when they are up.

. . . and again thanks for coming out!