It’s stunning: The hype, the location, the community. Last week was my first time at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas where thousands of professionals gather and play “the networking game.” I’m new to this game so I had the chance to observe and learn.

You might expect that an event in Las Vegas is all about gambling and fun – and it is. If you’ve ever been to a networking event, imagine that Adobe Summit is like that but on a much more advanced level. Adobe and its partners invest a vast amount of time and resources to get the most out of it. Executives and salespeople fill their schedules with business meetings, lunches and dinners weeks in advance. Everyone is trying to present themselves in the best way possible. If you embrace this, you win. If this isn’t for you, fortunately, you can still win because the event offers so much more than just networking opportunities: Great content, labs and the opportunity to meet old time friends.

We at Infield Digital enjoy Summit especially because we like spending time with our customers, friends and the community. We are also there, of course, to talk business. This year we did it in a pragmatic way; instead of setting up a simple Infield-branded booth with flyers showing our service offerings, we partnered with the Adobe team to create a cutting-edge experience that demonstrates the power of integrating commerce solutions (such as Magento) with Adobe Experience Manager.

In the end, it’s all about experiences. The Adobe team clearly knows what they’re doing, and by attracting professionals to their event year after year, they are proving what a great experience looks like.