Our Values

At Infield Digital, we believe that it’s important to have strong values and know what you stand for. We highlight four values that we think are fundamental to excel at the work we are doing. In essence, we are Effective, Pragmatic, Informed, and Collaborative. Since acronyms are so much fun, we summarize our values as EPIC. Below you’ll learn why each value is so important to us.


What comes to mind when you think of an effective approach to web development? For Infield Digital, we believe that creating a strong culture and having helpful tools in place make all the difference. We try to set ourselves apart by creating awesome programs in our company that are motivating and inspiring. Sitting at your desk all day writing code can be tiring, so we make sure to have fun at work too. We also make time and resources available to help and educate each other. For example, our daily technically focused office hours make it easy for everyone to connect with our most senior developers and managers. Encouraging further education is important. Our developers and project managers are constantly seeking out opportunities to improve their skills by completing certifications, attending training sessions and meetups, and exploring new frameworks and programming languages for future projects. By breaking up the day with useful and fun activities, we believe it makes our work more effective.


A common sense approach to web development projects is a big part of why we’re constantly growing as a company. Making sure that a project is the right fit for both sides of our partnership – Infield Digital and the client – is critical for the success of a project. When we initially meet with a client to discuss a project, we make sure to be aligned when it comes to our available resources and developer skillset. Most of our staff is located in the US and based out of our two offices in San Francisco and Denver. By having a local presence, we can assure there are no communication, time zone, or quality issues with our work. It is also nice to visit clients on-site since many are concentrated in the two cities that we operate in. This strategy is what we consider a pragmatic approach to web development which we think many consultancies have gotten away from.


Communication is essential. We have regular check-ins and standups with our clients, many times on a daily basis. We never want to leave clients guessing as to how things are moving along on a project. For this reason, we embrace agile development and management processes and try to put them into place wherever it makes sense. Being informed is also very important internally with our development teams. Many companies have a decentralized structure where most people just work from home. By having physical offices it makes it much easier to communicate with each other and get results quickly. Being physically close is especially helpful when we add team members to a project to get them up to speed. It is still much easier to communicate in person despite all the technology that is now easily accessible to us.


Infield Digital believes that good collaboration is one of the most important components for the success of a project. We have a strong focus on finding the right talent. Cultural fit is very important here as we are a lean organization where we all have to work together closely. We don’t want to be in a position where a team member doesn’t work well with others as it could jeopardize the success of a project. We maintain a transparent culture where respect and professionalism are both key parts of what makes everything work. If there is a problem, we address it early to ensure work continues to go smoothly. The right hiring decisions and team building activities are a great way to strengthen relationships and lead to great collaboration.

In conclusion

We try to live by our values every day. In fact, our values are part of our DNA and we basically just extracted EPIC from what feels natural to us already. As a company and as individuals, we strive to be EPIC in everything that we do.