Building a Data Layer in AEM?

Join us at MeasureCamp SF on July 22 for some tips!

Infield Digital is obsessed with data layers. In fact, we are so obsessed with data layers that we will be presenting a two-part talk about them at MeasureCamp SF on July 22nd!

Ella Nguyen, an Analytics Practice Lead at Infield Digital, will be presenting on how to write requirements for a data layer. Topics will include:

  • What is the business case for the data layer?
  • How do you start defining the data layer?
  • Who should build the data layer?

David Pena, a Solutions Architect at Infield Digital, will be presenting on how to build a kickass data layer in AEM. Topics will include:

  • What are 3 quick wins that every AEM developer should know?
  • What are 3 pitfalls that every AEM developer should watch out for?

Side note

We recommend that you make analytics a part of your core requirements whenever you upgrade, re-design, and/or build your digital experiences. When you define what you want to know about your site, it’s much easier to have the developers include those data values while they’re building the components, rather than having the developers add attributes after the site is live.

Why are we devoting so much time for data layers at
MeasureCamp SF on July 22nd?

We believe that data layers should be a part of the core requirements for every new project.


If it’s not part of the current scope, data layers will make your life way easier when you choose to implement analytics for your site.

How does the data layer make your analytics implementation easier?

  1. It ensures that all of the data that you need is available in a standard, consumable, and STABLE format (no more scraping!)
  2. It’s tool agnostic! You can change your analytics solutions quickly if you find that the current solution isn’t meeting your business objectives.
    • If you don’t know which analytics tools and tag management systems to use, you can experiment with them.
    • If you are looking into other digital marketing solutions such as A/B testing, you can easily use the data to experiment with any solutions.

However, planning and building a data layer is complex because there are many questions that will have to be answered:

  1. What standard should we use?
  2. What content (data) should be in the data layer?
  3. Is there any sensitive information?
  4. Who should build the data layer?

Come join us at MeasureCamp SF on July 22, 2017 to learn more.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Infield Digital is proud to be a sponsor of MeasureCamp San Francisco 2017. MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other digital analytics conference held around the world.

MeasureCamp San Francisco
Saturday July 22, 2017, Starting at 9 AM
LinkedIn Offices
222 2nd St, Floor 17
San Francisco, CA 94105

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