2018 is definitely the year for new Infield Digital office spaces. San Francisco is moving to a new location, Denver is expanding and taking over another floor of the building and the biggest news, we have opened up our first international office space in Berlin!

Berlin? You heard right. Since March 1, we officially have an office in Germany’s capital. 

Our newest office is located near the popular Potsdamer Platz in a beautiful glass building with a perfect view of the German parliament building.

The new space may take the cake in trendiness; it’s modern and stylish and has a great social  setting with couches and a German’s favorite beverage – ? on tap. Overall, it’s a great addition to the ID office spaces and will be an enjoyable workspace for our Germany-based employees and clients, and of course, visitors too.

If you have never been to Germany, or Berlin, or an Infield office, we welcome you to come out and visit!  

Until then, check out the pictures of the new space below and if you want to learn more about the Berlin office or Infield Digital’s work and service offerings, see our current openings or contact us.

We’d love to hear from you!