Adobe Summit is around the corner, and it’s going to be exciting, again. I’ve been attending this conference for the last five years. Back then, the conference used to be in Salt Lake City with about three to five thousand attendees. Then the conference became so popular that it was moved  Las Vegas. More than 12,000 people attended last year. What is it that excites people about Adobe Summit? Below I’m going to share what excites me about the upcoming event in March.

Hint: There’s also going to be a Pre-Summit meetup in San Francisco. More about this at the end of this article.

Great content – a lot to learn

Adobe Summit features speakers, sessions and labs where you can learn a lot in various disciplines. There are more than a dozen keynote speakers, including Sir Richard Branson from Virgin Group, and more than 200 sessions. My favorite tracks are about Content & Experience Management, Personalization, Analytics & Data Management, and Design-led Customer Experiences.

Support partners of Infield Digital

We’re very supportive of our partners who desire to have a presence at summit. We’re there to help them during the conference, and that is something I particularly enjoy. For instance we had a chance to support Adobe in building parts of their “Immersive commerce experience” booth. We had built an IOS store checkout app that was reading content fragments from AEM to demonstrate a full checkout process with the Square API and hardware. We not only had fun building it, it was also a good experience to set it up at the booth and to help Adobe during the conference.

Hands-on labs

One of my favorite session formats is the Hands-on lab. Those sessions are typically 90 minutes long and focus on getting to know very specific things about a product or a feature in a really … hands-on way. As part of the session you get access to a computer that is already setup for the lab and provides supporting documents. Presenters go step-by-step through code-heavy exercises in order to educate attendees about the specific topic of the lab. You can really expect presenters to be experts on their subject, so this is a good opportunity to ask them about it and learn.


Between hands-on labs and general sessions I usually set myself a pretty complete itinerary with one major goal in mind. I try to map the sessions and labs I do with our engineering and technology strategy. The goal is to “bring back home” more precise direction and recommendation for our engineering practice. Additionally, Adobe Summit is a good platform for networking and spotting business opportunities. For instance, during Adobe Summit in 2014, I had the chance to be a speaker at the event and demoed our first AEM-Magento commerce integration. Or another time we supported one of or long time customers with his success story about  migrating to AEM 6.0.

Meet old time friends

Personally, this is probably the thing I enjoy the most: I like to have some social time with our long time partners and new customers. It is a great way to get to know each other a little better over a nice dinner.

Also, over the years in partnership with Adobe, I’ve become friends with a lot of Adobe’s engineers, and Summit is one of the few times a year where we can connect in a rather casual setting. There’s a great bunch of passionate Adobe engineers at the conference and they really do care about the success of Adobe’s partners and customers, exactly like us at Infield Digital 🙂


That’s it, I’m excited, what about you? To get ready, RSVP to join Infield Digital and the AEM community at Adobe’s San Francisco office for the pre-summit meetup featuring:

– Peter Krmpotic, Group Product Manager for AEM: Key features and integrations in AEM 6.4. Focus of this talk: Key product themes, areas of investment and updates for AEM Sites, Assets, and Forms.
– Ryan Keenan, Senior Developer at Infield Digital: Custom Granite Render Conditions. This is a technical talk on how to enhance the authoring experience and to enable power users.
– And more!

Hope to see you at the meetup and/or at Summit!