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The theme of this year’s Adobe Summit was reinvention. In retrospect, I think it was an appropriate theme; web marketing is reinventing itself with one-to-one marketing and Adobe is reinventing itself as a cloud enterprise marketing company. I came away with a few impressions – Adobe is filling in gaps in the Marketing CloudExperience Manager is at the center of their Marketing Cloud delivery strategy, they are doing a logical restructuring of their product lineup to simplify things for users, and Adobe is well on its way to being a full fledged cloud based company.

Adobe always does a good job of making Summit both educational and enjoyable.Adobe Summit 2014and of course skiing in Utah. There was a good combination of keynote speakers with celebrity speakers like Robert Redford, Eric Stonestreet, and Richard Sherman (boo) also marking keynotes for companies like Sephora, Audi, and Kickstarter (yay). The presentations were informative and ranged from inspirational to awkward (better to just let Mr. Redford lead the conversation). With four days of keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and workshops there was pretty much something for everyone, Which is probably good with an attendance of over 7000.

We were invited to present at the inaugural Adobe community day meeting. Gaetan did a talk on commerce on Experience Manager and our integration with Magento where he spoke about working with the Adobe Experience Manager e-commerce integration framework. It was followed by some informal community talks around commerce. Adobe has created a framework to enable experience driven commerce and their platform agnostic approach has created some interesting opportunities for businesses interested in stepping into one-to-one marketing without completely replatforming. I will do another post dedicated to commerce on AEM.

Experience Manager 6 was the big topic in the technical talks. We have been following along with the beta program and AEM 6 is a massive upgrade with many new technical features but also brings with it a consolidation and simplification of Adobe Marketing Cloud services. With AEM 6 Adobe has given some serious thought to customer value and integration with the marketing cloud. Changes like rolling Scene7 into AEM and new forms that will make things easier for both developers and the marketing department.

Some of the high points for me were the It’s DAM important—placing assets at the center of your multichannel world presentation by Gary Gamitian of Successfactors and Elliot Sedegah and Greg Klebus of Adobe covering the effective use of DAM in the total content picture. Also Commerce & content systems converging Darin Archer of Adobe and Peter Sheldon of Forrester Research gave a concise overview of the changing face of commerce and the different categories of commerce integration.

And of course no AEM event would be complete without a good dose of content personalization with Profile Management . We talked a lot about our Marketo integration and hung out with with our friends at Demandbase who’s B2B data services truly move AEM personalization to the next level.

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