Adobe Summit is one of the most valuable events of the year for us. We have a opportunity to see what Adobe has planned, talk with friends on the Adobe technical team and hang out a bit with the AEM community. Salt Lake City was surprisingly warm this year and like California it has not been a big snow year. So it was with a little sadness we skipped ski day at Canyons this year. But next year we are in.

Summit was well attend with an estimated attendance of about 7k. This year kicked off with the a community day which opened with a presentation by Cloudera on how we migrated them from CQ 5.5  to AEM 6.0. There were a slew of high quality presentations. Adobe has posted them, there plenty worth looking though.

Summit 2015 keynotes and conference sessions

There was also a lot of excitement around 6.1 which will launch in May. We have seen a slew of cool features in the beta program. With the maturity of the AEM 6.1 release we will also start to see companies that have been holding off put a upgrade to 6.x on their road map.

Of particular interest to us some big changes in the adobe commerce space. Elastic Path is now reference implementation for the Adobe eCommerce framework. Elastic Path has done a nice job on the integration and has taken the original AEM reference integration, which was based on Hybris, to a new level. The integration and the supporting components represent the most complete AEM commerce integration to date. Elastic Paths integration is an important step forward for the AEM eCommerce integration framework and represent the an elegant API driven enterprise commerce solution that truly delivers on the promise of experience driven commerce.

Reinventing customer engagement with Experience-driven Commerce