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A long-term CMS partnership

As a primary CMS partner to SuccessFactors, ID has provided development and front-line support to SuccessFactors’ internal teams and vendors on TYPO3 and Adobe's CQ5.

SuccessFactors, an SAP Company, is the leading provider of cloud-based HR tools and resources, serving organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries, all via the site’s more than 2,000 pages and in 13 different languages. SuccessFactors tightly integrates the latest technologies to improve lead generation and conversion—from marketing automation and demand generation (Eloqua) to real-time targeting and segmentation (Demandbase).

"Infield Digital is a key partner of ours and I consider them an extension of my web team. From the beginning with their assistance on our previous TYPO3 platform they immediately impressed with their speed and ingenuity to solve urgent and complex issues instantly. Since then with our migration to Adobe CQ our collaboration continues. Infield continues to contribute cutting edge web solutions that are helping transform our site to a demand generation machine. They are wicked smart people that are a lot of fun to work with!"

– Sean Browne, Senior Director, Web Marketing, SuccessFactors

As a primary CMS partner, ID has provided development and front-line support to SuccessFactors’ internal teams and contractors on two CMS platforms, TYPO3 and Adobe’s CQ5.


Here are some ways we’ve been able to help:

  • Implemented a complete refresh of on TYPO3, in collaboration with multiple departments and agencies
  • Created custom Free Trial tool that can handle 2,000 customer requests per hour
  • Collaborated on architecture and deployment of virtualized web infrastructure
  • Provided front-end support, including CSS and Javascript + multi-browser tuning
  • Managed custom lead generation integration with Eloqua
  • Provided regular trainings and consulting for internal web developers
  • Created a custom Demandbase component that is compatible with CQ5's Client Context panel