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Hall Wines

A Napa winery comes online

Hall Wines presented ID with an opportunity to brings its winery fully online with Magento, while offering its customers a centralized, seamless experience from their Napa tasting room to the online store.  

As the first California winery to achieve LEED Gold status, Hall Wines was already an industry leader in technological and environmental innovation. It was only natural that this celebrated Napa winery would take the lead in bringing their business fully online. What they wanted was simple: a complete solution that was fast, reliable, and could unify the top technologies in online commerce, wine club membership, compliance, customer management, and POS. 

“The flexibility of this new system is huge. Since moving to Wine Seller, one person can easily manage all online orders for both the HALL and WALT brands, processing orders in a matter of minutes."

– Joe Reeder, Hall Wines

With their previous system, Hall faced a number of challenges, including unexpected system outages, inconsistent pricing, burdensome hand- and double-entry, and simply too many systems running their business.


In partnership with Infield Digital, Hall Wines was able to bring together their preferred platforms like Magento, Salesforce, ShipCompliant, and with the Wine Seller system. Since launch, Hall now enjoys: 

  • Improved wine club conversion and retention via an extraordinary channel-wide guest experience
  • Ability to track how members use the site and adjust account preferences accordingly
  • Drastic reduction in order processing time
  • Site content enhancements to improve site traffic by 15% or more
  • Up-to-the-minute accurate customer data and order information online
  • Fine-tuned segmentation in all campaigns using online and on-site winery data
  • With POS, a nearly seamless, best-in-class online/offline customer experience

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"The ability to view our members behavior online and the ability to provide communication touch points that are relevant to the member is the biggest leap in our functionality. Through Wine Seller and the club management tool, we've simplified the process, enhanced the service we provide our members and consumers, and have set the groundwork for scalable growth in our business."

– Jeff Zappelli, Hall Wines