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Basis Band, by invitation

When Basis Science released its popular Basis Band, demand quickly outmatched supply. Basis needed a way to put its pre-order customers at the front of the line, so ID created a private Magento store that provided invite-only ordering, a notification system, and central data point for the Basis support team. 

San Francisco startup Basis Science has had great success with its Basis Band, a wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard that helps users maintain daily healthy habits by monitoring physical activity, sleep, and a variety of physiological metrics. With limited quantities and a high demand, Basis approached ID with their challenge: how to keep early-adopting Basis fans in the loop as they waited for their bands to arrive. Our solution was a Magento store that allowed for purchase by invitation only, along with a customized notification system that alerted customers as soon as products became available. We then orchestrated an integration with fulfillment service RushOrder, which ensured timely delivery of the long-awaited products. In addition, we worked closely with the Basis team to chart a strategy for managing their store, which included:  

  • Training on Magento development and maintenance
  • Centralizing all data via Magento to streamline workflows for support staff
  • Developing a system for quality control
  • Creating a strategy for staying ahead in a competitive market