Wine Seller for Magento

Bring the tasting room online

Wine Seller

Enterprise Class eCommerce for Wineries

Wine Seller connects you with the best-in-breed tools that will boost your online sales, productivity, and customer experience. We have developed a suite of tools that tightly integrates Magento, the leading commerce platform from eBay, with Wine Club, Compliance, and CRM. The result is a unified set of features that allow wineries to extend the tasting room experience online.

Enterprise Commerce from Magento

To date, eCommerce platforms available to wineries have been limited and haven't had the features and reliability needed to give your customer the best brand experience possible. Magento, backed by eBay, is truly enterprise eCommerce, and provides leading edge tools to run your business.

Shipping Compliance from ShipCompliant

Compliance can be difficult but with integrated ShipCompliant, compliance checks are seamless. The system automatically checks compliance during the ordering process and custom workflows can be easily setup to match your business process.

Wine Club from Wine Seller

Wine Seller's Wine Club for Magento is an easy way to both grow your recurring revenue while improving your customers shopping experience. By offering club sign-ups, membership, and management through your online store, you give your customer the transparency they expect. Your customers can easily sign in to manage their accounts reducing hassle for them and maintenance for you.

Customer relationship management (CRM) from Salesforce

Managing customer relationship across channels is the key to a superior customer experience. Organizing and automating customer data helps synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service across channels and brands.