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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM / CQ5) web content management system is an easy-to-use set of applications for creating, managing, delivering, and personalizing content across all your owned digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, and social networks. Adobe Experience Manager integrates with other solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, so you'll be able to utilize familiar best-in-class-tools to further your web marketing efforts.

Why Adobe Experience Manager/CQ5?

  • Adobe Experience Manager integrates deeply with industry standard Adobe Creative Cloud products such as PhotoShop and InDesign, allowing marketers to quickly and easily create media rich targeted customer experiences. 
  • Advanced marketing tools out of the box, including A-B testing, Test & Target, Omniture, Scene 7, and user segmentation features Real-time creation and testing of marketing campaigns
  • User-friendly interface that offers intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • Sophisticated editorial workflows and access control, so different editors can update content safely and independently
  • Continuous operating environment for instant updates, backups, and clustering

Why Infield Digital?

Selecting the right partner for implementation, development and support is as important as choosing the right technology. As an Adobe partner we help you shape the end result, delivering cost-effective optimizations and extensions that make this fantastic system even better.

We are an experienced development and implementation team, providing Adobe Experience Manager/CQ5 implementations, content migrations, integrations and custom module development, hosting and application support. We've helped great clients like Ring Central, SuccessFactors and Dolby implement AEM and begin utilizing the ultimate in targeted content delivery tools.

With our contributions to the Apache/Solr core, we have a unique understanding of CQ5's code legacy and capabilities.

Find out if CQ5 is right for you

Adobe Experience Manger (AEM | CQ5)
Magento Commerce

Magento 2 + Adobe = Experience Driven Commerce

Built on the flexibility of the Adobe Experience Manager eCommerce Integration Framework, the integration represents a flexible path for Magento 2 stores to improve their customer experience.  The integration allows Magento stores to extend their marketing capabilities while at the same time reducing Magento system load by offloading catalog duties to Adobe Experience Manager. In addition to offering best-in-class behavioral content through Experience Manager CQ, Magento store owners get easier access to the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud suite of tools.

Google Custom Search and Experience Manager

Need to integrate Google Custom Search with Adobe Experience Manager? We have you covered. Our Google Custom Search components allows authors to integrate and configure search from the Experience Manager sidekick. The component is free to use and open source.

AEM-Demandbase extension

At ID, we've been exploring personalized content with AEM's built-in tools, as well as developing custom components that draw on rich marketing data from third parties. These components—out-of-the box or custom—complement an enterprise CMS and can be especially useful to content authors and marketers.

Read more about how to personalize your content in Adobe Experience Manager in our blog