Adobe Analytics

Leverage the innovative capabilities of Adobe Analytics to uncover actionable insights and make data-driven decisions

  • Build and share complex and deep segment analyses
  • Collaborate and share insights with Analysis Workspace
  • Quickly explore hidden relationships between massive data sets with Ad Hoc Analysis

Track, measure, and analyze cross-channel marketing data through integrations with other best-in-class marketing solutions in the cloud, including Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager.

The heart of Adobe Analytics is its highly customizable implementation capabilities. Analytics data collected can be tailored to meet specific business needs, eliminating gaps in reporting, business, and analytic requirements.

Adobe Audience Manager

Consolidate your audience profiles from all data sources – internal and external –  in one central place and create a complete picture of the users across any digital channel. Audience Manager can:

  • Divide profiles by trait specific categories to an exact target
  • Generate high value audiences by tracking frequent users

Why Infield Digital?

Infield Digital adds value to your Adobe Analytics implementation through our deep understanding of Adobe Analytics and our thorough requirements gathering process that ensures your business goals are satisfied. When you partner with us, you will have access to a dedicated team of implementation specialists, analytics developers, business practitioners and project managers who work with your team to:

  • Architect a scalable data collection, validation, and governance strategy that will meet your reporting, business, and analytic needs
  • Implement Adobe Analytics with industry best practices, including deployment via Activation (powered by DTM) and integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target(AT)
  • Build automated reports and dashboards to get you started on your analysis
  • Empower your team to become power users with one-on-one and group training sessions